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St Cuthberts, Ormesby Newsletter

Regular worshippers at St. Cuthbert’s will be familiar with our weekly “pew sheet” which gives the Bible readings for the current Sunday, contact details for the church, news, and messages from the ministry team. Since all church services have been suspended due to covid-19 restrictions, we will not issue the usual printed “pew sheet”. Instead, we will be putting a “mini-bulletin” on this website each week.

Click on one of the links below to open the appropriate bulletin.

Previous bulletins (PDF)


Pew sheet for 20th June 2021 Third Sunday after Trinity

Pew sheet for 13th June 2021 Second Sunday after Trinity

Pew sheet for 6th June 2021 First Sunday after Trinity

Pew sheet for 30th May 2021 Trinity Sunday

Pew sheet for 16th May 2021 Seventh Sunday of Easter

Pew sheet for 9th May 2021 Sixth Sunday of Easter

Pew sheet for 2nd May 2021 Fifth Sunday of Easter

Pew sheet for 25th April 2021 Fourth Sunday of Easter

Pew sheet for 18th April 2021 Third Sunday of Easter

Pew sheet for 11th April 2021 Second Sunday of Easter

Pew sheet for 04th April 2021 Easter Sunday

Pew sheet for 28th March 2021 Sixth Sunday of Lent, Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday Readings insert

Pew sheet for 21st March 2021 Fifth Sunday of Lent, Passion Sunday

Pew sheet for 14th March 2021 Fourth Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday

Pew sheet for 07th March 2021 Third Sunday of Lent

Pew sheet for 28th February 2021 Second Sunday of Lent

Pew sheet for 21st February 2021 First Sunday of Lent

Pew sheet for 14th February 2021 Sunday next before Lent

Pew sheet for 7th February 2021 2nd Sunday before Lent


Sunday November 29th, Advent Sunday (PDF)

Sunday November 22nd, Sunday Next before Advent, Christ the King (PDF)

Sunday November 15th, 2nd Sunday before Advent (PDF)

Sunday November 8th, 3rd Sunday before Advent (PDF)

Sunday July 5th, 4th Sunday after Trinity (PDF)

Sunday June 28th, 3rd Sunday after Trinity (PDF)

Sunday June 21st, 2nd Sunday after Trinity (PDF)

Sunday June 14th , 1st Sunday after Trinity(PDF)

Sunday June 7th, Trinity Sunday (PDF)

Sunday May 31st, Pentecost or Whit Sunday (PDF)

Sunday May 24th, The Sunday after Ascension Day (PDF)

Sunday, 17th May, 6th Sunday of Easter (PDF)

Sunday, 10th May, 5th Sunday of Easter (PDF)

Sunday, 3rd May, 4th Sunday of Easter (PDF)

Sunday, 26th April, 3rd Sunday of Easter (PDF)

Sunday, 19th April, 2nd Sunday of Easter (PDF)

Sunday, 12th April, Easter Sunday (PDF)

Sunday, 5th April, Palm Sunday (PDF)

Sunday March 29th, 5th in Lent (PDF)

Sunday March 22nd, 4th in Lent – Mothering Sunday (PDF)

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Here are some letters from the minister.

Ministers Letter October Newsletter 2014

Ministers Letter September Newsletter 2014

Ministers Letter August Newsletter 2014

Ministers Letter July Newsletter 2014

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First Quarterly, Jan 2016

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Safeguarding Bulletin 1 17, January 2017

Safeguarding Bulletin 2 17, November 2017

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Weekly Service Sheets

Some examples of these weekly service sheets

20th January 2019

20th October 2019