The Prayer Group

Members of the prayer group pray for our church and for our parish.  We pray for our residents, local schools and local businesses of Ormesby.  We pray for those being baptised or christened, those who are being married and for the recently departed and their loved ones.

We can pray for anyone who asks prayer for themselves, a loved one or a situation.  We can pray for you.

Please text your prayer requests to: 07715298711  or email

ALSO, the Vicar can pray for you, or with you, at the end of a Wednesday morning service or a Sunday service.  Please have a word with the Vicar.

The Prayer Tree


We have a prayer tree in church

– Please add your prayers and requests –

Write a name and/or a prayer (and the date) on the tags provided. Hang your prayer tag on the tree – and your prayers will be said on Wednesday mornings for 1 month.