About Us

We are an Anglican Parish Church in the mainstream tradition. The church is widely used by the community, especially for weddings and christenings. We are frequently commended for the strength and warmth of our welcome.

We find inspiration in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and at the same time, recognise the truths we share with other faith traditions. We hope we may be able to welcome you to one of our regular or special services.

Vicar of St Cuthbert's Ormesby - The Revd Jennifer Croft

Vicar of St Cuthbert’s Ormesby – The Revd Jennifer Croft

Jennifer came to St Cuthberts Ormesby in December 2014 and has been ordained for 15 years, and prior to this she was a research scientist in academia, the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry. Jennifer’s last scientific work was in the area of occupational lung disease and of producing nitrogen trichloride in the laboratory.

Before coming to Ormesby, she began her ministry in the Diocese of Coventry, and after serving her title parish in Lillington, she served as a Chaplain to the Deaf (she still teaches BSL), she was a Mental Health Chaplain, an Associate Priest and a University Chaplain from 2005-2011. After this, Jennifer was the Vicar in High Legh, nr. Knutsford in the Diocese of Chester, where she was also a Tutor at Chester University. She has over 20 publications in science and some in theology. Until quite recently, she led a course on pastoral ministry and also on healing ministry – this course was particularly popular in East Cheshire. During her time in High Legh, she was the co-founder of a community observatory and was overjoyed to see this built and functioning before leaving that post.

Jennifer is also the Tutor for Contextual Theology at Cranmer Hall at Durham University, with a particular responsibility for the Cranmer Urban Track. This is a revolutionary way of training Ordinands within the parish context, in particular urban parishes in Middlesbrough, known as the HUB.

She delights in the role and ministry of the parish priest, and with a pastoral heart she looks to serve the people of this parish. She is keen to explore new ways of doing church, but also delights in the traditions of the church in particular all the weddings that St Cuthberts attracts! She says, “It is a delight and a privilege to serve the people of this parish, and I look forward to making new connections and building up community relationships!”

In her spare time, she is appreciates real ale, good wine, the company of friends and she is an amateur astronomer and dreams of one day building a small radio telescope.