Who’s who

The ‘Ministry Team’

As of February 2020 we enter another vacancy. A period without a priest assigned to the Church.


Janet Caldwell 01642 454790
E-mail: deacon@stcuthbertsormesby.org.uk

PCC Secretary


Lesley Tart
Tuesday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Recognized Parish Assistant (RPA)

Elizabeth Furnell (and Reader in training)

Church Wardens

Janet Danks 01642 321347
Elaine Boyle

The Ministry in this church is aided by:


Bob Wade (Emeritus)

Deputy Church Wardens

Denise Lewis

Eucharistic Ministers

Elaine Boyle
Elizabeth Furnell
Carol Hagan
Lesley Tart
Sam Warren

Church Organists

Janet Caldwell
Diane Wood


Barry Bloom
Carol Bruce
Larry Bruce (Tower Captain)
Angela Harker
Ian Hart
Denise Lewis