General Enquiries


As of February 2020 the Church has entered another vacancy. A period without a priest assigned to the Church.


Revd. Janet Caldwell

Telephone:  01642 454790


Elizabeth Furnell
Telephone: 01642 293108

Church Wardens

Janet Danks
Telephone: 01642 321347
Elaine Boyle
Telephone: 07794621752

Parish Office

For arranging a Wedding or Baptism please attend an open ‘Christenings and Weddings Enquiries’ hour, which during the winter months of November to March is at St Cuthbert’s Church each Sunday morning between 11am and 12noon and at other times of the year is at St Cuthbert’s Church on a Tuesday evening between 6 and 7pm.
Wedding couples please check that you meet the requirements to marry here.

You can also request information using the form below or phone 07715298711

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